Serene Palms Dining


  1. Pineapple WIlly’s:

Check out this view!  This place is an amazing beach front restaurant with fabulous food and drinks.  I suggest the blackened fish sandwich.  The drinks are served in reusable plastic cups that are PURPLE (if it’s purple its mine is my motto).

Go early and often to this gem of a place! It is located 3.1 miles or a 9 minute drive from Serene Palms!

2. Dat Cajun Place Cafe:

Words fall short when attempting to describe the food here!  If you like cajun food, or if you’ve never tried it, you MUST try it here!  Order the gumbo for sure and add on whatever else you think sounds good, it will be! OH, and guess what?  This place is a short 10 minute drive from Serene Palms!

3. Rudy’s BBQ

This restaurant was a favorite of ours when we lived in Texas so we were THRILLED when we saw it here!

It’s not Texas BBQ by any means, but their food is good.  The BEST thing on the menu is the Brisket Breakfast Burrito.  Their BBQ is OVER THE TOP amazing!  It comes in 2 varities (original and sissy…hahaha).

This is 6.8 miles from the house so it’s a 17 min drive.  However, we go and buy a few days worth of the burritos and then we reheat them to eat poolside at Serene Palms…with a homemade latte made effortlessly on our touchscreen machine!