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One more week

Today begins our final week here. I’ve been hanging photos and curtain rods and towel bars so often I can do it now without reading the mounting instructions!

I just put together a closet shelving unit and sorted thru the mountain of Amazon packages that arrived today! I’m capable of more than I thought…but man am I tired! I took a two hour nap yesterday and still slept fine at bedtime!

This week should include getting the tub reglazed and maybe a new roof installed. 5e pool should also be converted to salt water this week and the remote access control panel added to it.

The linens will go on the beds, and a deep clean of all surfaces will take place on Wednesday. Then I’m hoping to just enjoy it for two days before we leave. I can’t think too long about that…it’s going to be hard! The sun has shone EVERYDAY for the last 3 weeks and although we are SO exhausted, we’ve been trudging thru this all together and life is good!

Today is Fathers Day so we will go find a steak for Ted…wanted to grill him one and serve it poolside but one of the Amazon packages was a grill that was missing 2 legs so no grilling going on here tonight. Haha

Oh, and the AC broke the other night but thankfully our amazing handyman was able to get us hooked up with an excellent AC guy who came out way after hours on a Friday night to fix it for us!

We’ve been trying to use the pool more as it will be terribly sad to leave it! Yesterday it was like 96 degrees outside so the pool felt amazing! Make sure you hit the website to look at the updated House Detail Photos!

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