Serene Palms Uncategorized It’s starting to feel more like a home!

It’s starting to feel more like a home!

Well we have come so far and had had so much further to go! We are nearing the end of week one here and I’m glad we’ve given ourselves a month! Trying to not get discouraged with the progress made and instead just trust it will all come together in time.

We continue to sleep on the ground BUT we have leather recliners to work on during the day! There’s a hammock stand outside, and an oak dining table for 8 people! The triple bunk is assembled and the TV’s are just about ready to mount.

Every day I’m cleaning different things and areas. oh and most importantly today we had lattes and cappuccinos from the fancy new machine! So easy and fun to do!

The lizards are fun to watch and I’m fairly certain that we have two key lime trees! The pool is an amazing place to take our 1 hr lunch break! Ted found us REALLY great floating chair. Then he enjoys the hammock in the lanai while I lay on the pool deck and soak up the rays!

I’ll post some more teaser photos on the Home Details page if you want to see some of the above mentioned items. I’m getting close to creating an AirBnB and VRBO listing so it can go live to the general public. I’m registered with the state and all set up for what my taxes are. This is a daunting but productive adventure!

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