Serene Palms Uncategorized Yup, it’s another day in my neighborhood…

Yup, it’s another day in my neighborhood…

So closing is on, oh wait no it’s not…..

Closing is on, oh wait no it’s not…

Lather, rinse, repeat….

That pretty much sums it up folks. At this point we are here until at least tomorrow morning and maybe even longer. Hoping to know more tonight. In an odd twist of events, I have actually come to peace with a delayed date. I may have to miss an old high school friends wedding/mini class reunion but if we close late, I just can’t get everything done in time. So, although it would be so sad to miss it, we could stay at the FL house without a dead stop timeline and we could get it just the way we want it and enjoy it for a bit before we leave. So, the closing date determines the future and only God knows what that all looks like right now.

I’m using the extra time around here to pack and clean. (Though I did take a needed little break for Tea with my friend) It’s been nice to grab a few odds and ends items since we’ve had the time. I think if push came to shove I could drive away at 5am and have most of what I needed though. The temperature swing will be bizarre, it’s been so cold here…I’ve been using my heating blanket still at night and today I’m in jeans, long sleeve Tee, and a sweatshirt.

Enjoying the time I have but looking forward to what lies ahead. Grateful for the many people working tirelessly on our behalf to make this all work!

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