Serene Palms Uncategorized Wow, where do I begin?

Wow, where do I begin?

Well it’s ours….kinda….hahaha…we still share it with the bank. We found out at 11am that we were set to close at 3pm on Friday. We went to the house for our final walk thru and then we were surprised with the ability to unload the van and just relax at the house until closing.

Our realtor paid for us to close with a notary in our local town rather than driving to Destin which is about an hour away! So that was a huge blessing! We were actually able to sign all the paper at 2:15pm and we were done at 3pm. We went to Dat Cajun Place for a celebration dinner and then went to Sam’s club and became members and bought a top of the line King Mattress….hoping for a good nights rest tonight!

We’ve got the utilities transferred into our name and have hooked up with our pool guy. He’s going to change the pool from Chlorine to Salt water. We then are setting it up to add a heater to the pool in September. Your private warm salt water pool will literally be 10 feet from your back door!

We spent the day yesterday hitting local stores and buying lots of cool unique items for the home. We now have assorted decorations, pool loungers for the tanning deck, and an arcade machine but we are still sleeping on a mattress in the floor in the middle of the bedroom! Hahaha priorities ya know….

Internet gets installed today and we are putting together our new triple high bunk bed for the Bunk House Room! I will clean the kitchen and get the cabinets loaded and then head out to more stores. I want to take my time deciding on the big items and only buy something that I love!

I will try to do better keeping you all up to date on here now that the initial craziness is over. I’ll start adding photos to the home detail page but PLEASE understand this is a modular work in progress for the next several weeks/months/years!

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