Serene Palms Uncategorized We have the appraisal report!

We have the appraisal report!

Funny thing, it appraised at value so that’s good. However, an outlet in the garage is missing an outlet cover so they have to fix that and he will then need to go back to reinspect to be certain it was fixed before closing!

This process of hurry up, pay up, and wait up is a REAL hassle and I’m VERY ready to have it behind us! I started to pack up today. Now even Ted is getting nervous about it all fitting in!

Everyday more things arrive in the mail. I got two sets of beautiful sheets today and my silverware comes tomorrow. Our smart lock was shipped today and once I get a closing date I will order our mattresses.

We pick up a minivan tomorrow to start the loading process. Will be beneficial to see how much space we have after we load in the items we have. I’ve got to start packing my own personal clothes tomorrow.

Hoping to head out on Wednesday. We shall see…Zoe is in for the longest road trip of her life! Hahaha

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