Serene Palms Uncategorized We have a date with the appraiser!

We have a date with the appraiser!

The much anticipated date has been set!  This coming Tuesday morning will be a BIG deal for us!  We agreed to pay a portion of the appraisal gap to a maximum purchase number so that we might look more appealing than the cash offer they had!  So, at this point, we have no idea how much we’ve paid for the house we are set to close on in like two weeks!  So so so crazy, what a way to walk by faith!

The final pool inspection is also set to be done this next week.  After they installed the pool Covid hit and getting the final inspection just fell off everyones radar screen.  It needed to be done for the title search to be complete.

This morning I sat down and itemized what I anticipate to spend on each and every item in all the living areas of the house.  We will be traveling down with a van load of supplies which will help reduce what we need to purchase, but outfitting an entire house is a large charge and then to do it on a 3 week time schedule is even more exciting!  hahaha

I’ve built into my planning a portion of time to find used or consigned items (lamps and dressers) while ordered other things immediately new (mattresses, sofas, linens).  However, at a certain date I will need to buy all things new so that the space is rentable by July 1st.

I swing from utter excitement and total terror with the task that lies ahead!  I’m SO grateful for a good friend who will be coming down in the middle of June to help me!

My Wisconsin house has piles in EVERY room as I pull items to be packed into the van. I’ve got to make sure there’s enough room for Ted!  ha ha ha

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