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Trial run with my channel manager

I have finally decided on which channel manager to help keep track of my listing across many different calendars. Wow what an undertaking that has been!

Under the Book Your Stay page you can see the system. I’m interested in working out the kinks on it! Thankfully our daughter is in QA at a software development company so she’s been quite helpful today. I still have to get hooked in with a credit card processing company, so even though Bookings can be requested at this point, there’s no way to pay for them yet online. This is all a process… I would appreciate any feedback or questions you have on the booking side! All bookings can still easily be deleted and since there’s no payment system in place it’s even less of an ordeal to create/delete bookings.

I’ve settled into what I believe our starting nightly rental rate will be. I am tempted to use a dynamic pricing tool to help since I’m so new to this, but I need to learn one program at a a time. Plus since we aren’t ready to rent yet anyways that isn’t necessary.

I will be offering a Friends and Family Discount, so if you feel like you would qualify for that and are interested in knowing more, please contact me for details! We are so looking forward to filling the place with people that will love it as much as we do! I’m keeping each one of you in mind as I purchase items for the home…only the best for those I love!

My brain is about full for today…but it’s that good, “I have been productive today” kind of full! This is really going to happen I think, that’s crazy nuts for me to process!

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