Serene Palms Uncategorized Just keep waiting….

Just keep waiting….

Yesterday was the appraisal, we haven’t heard back from that. We are gathering final (we hope) financial documents for the underwriters review and keep adding to the piles around the house of things to go.

The lists grow longer and the time to closing draws nearer (we think). Until then I will fill my days with my Wisconsin Life and ready my mind for what today holds.

I’ve worked since the weekend on redoing my Grandmas Cracker Barrel rocking chair. Two winters here had left it in need of refinishing. I decided that it will be an amazing chair for the covered area by the pool. So it really needed a Florida Facelift….my sweet neighbor says it’s bright on her eyes…yup, it’s now ready for Florida!

Old chair
Florida Pool Chair

Until we know more…I will just keep waiting and trusting the process is unfolding even though I can’t see how.

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