Serene Palms Uncategorized He is still in control….trust fall at its finest!

He is still in control….trust fall at its finest!

What a roller coaster the last 36 hrs has held!! Yesterday started with finding out that the insurance company we had signed up with was forced to shut down so we had like 6 hours to find a new company, get a new quote, sign up, get it all finalized and a new declarations page sent to the lender. Without that document the closing would be delayed.

In the midst of all of that my iPhone battery decided to stop holding a charge so we raced to the Apple store since there was an unexpected opening at the Genius Bar! Two hours later and $50 lighter I have a new battery and functioning phone again.

We got home just in time to deal with the dogs afternoon walk and dinner prep. Then I worked for 3 hours on the description of our home so that when I get pictures it can go live on AirBnb and VRBO. I’m so proud of how well I’m doing learning all this new stuff! It’s kind of fun putting my vision and home into words alone. It’s forcing me to be very descriptive and not just rely on photos. Plus it’s giving me certain direction as I can see all the finished rooms in my mind so now I KNOW what I need to buy and do so the photos actually LOOK like what my mind sees!

At 4:45 pm we got the first draft of the closing document!! It was determined that we wouldn’t set up the wire money transfer until this morning when one final check was completed. Shew, it’s almost done…

This morning we had a bank appt to set up my new business account. (This was supposed to be done yesterday afternoon when we were at the Apple store.) That bank appt last almost 2 hours. When we left there we received an email that the appraiser had not gone back to physically inspect that the outlet cover had been replaced in the garage that he had spotted!

It was then discovered after some realtor digging that he hadn’t been paid appropriately or something so that was slowing down the process…and to boot, if he didn’t complete it today he would be on vacation for 2 weeks!! There was a mad dash scramble that occurred and then total silence. We think he was in communication with our lender and hope that they are finalizing the numbers and will give us the “clear to close” email here in the next 30 min!

We are staying out until we have this appt time set…trust is a very skinny balance beam to stay perched on, or maybe this is more like a trust fall into the arms of The One who alone is able to work all things out!

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