Serene Palms Uncategorized At Home shopping trip: successful!

At Home shopping trip: successful!

Did a mother/daughter date to At Home last night. So fun to start the process of decorating and outfitting a place! Hardest part was considering how much space I had left in the minivan for this first trip down!

I got hangers for the house at a great deal! The velvet covered ones so my sundresses won’t slip off and neither will Teds Hawaiian shirts! Hahaha

We found a neat pool clock and a super fun word search picture for the game room! Oh and then a really sweat picture that will welcome people to our home!

I also came home with a ton of photos in my phone that I will use as springboard ideas when I really get up and going with it all. My daughter was very patient with me as I put things in the cart, and then talked myself out of them and needed to put them back!

One final thing, the survey report coming in should not delay closing! Whooop whoop! Today is the appraisal…praying Gods will over it too!

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