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Are we there yet?

Yes, I know I sound like a 6 year old…but are we there YET? Someone said how quick this process has been, I literally laughed out loud as the days seem to be creeping by for me! Oh, don’t misunderstand me as saying “I’m bored”…I’ve been cramming as much as I can into every single hour of every stinkin day…but they just seem to keep coming day after day and I’m not on the road yet to my Florida House!

Deep breath…soon I will be! The van has been loaded and since we haven’t packed clothes yet we tried to keep a bit of space freed up for them! I’m glad I didn’t unleash myself to buy more or we wouldn’t have fit it all in. We are taking some bigger pieces (like Grandmas Rocking Chair) and a huge TV box so it was nice to borrow my Dads Van. Very grateful for our helpful “kids” who did the heavy lifting last night! Serene Palms is a family affair from start to finish.

Our daughter made me a spreadsheet last night to keep me organized financially as I embark on filling a house in four weeks! We also brainstormed as a family about how to best keep track of income and expenses. Sounds like I may be doing a crash course in Quickbooks.

We have signed the final addendum for the sale and now we wait to hear back on a definite closing date. Our plan is to stay put here in Wisconsin until we hear the exact time. We don’t want to head off with a full van, including a dog, and then get to Panama City Beach on a Holiday Weekend to pay full price for several nights at a hotel if it doesn’t happen!

BY THE WAY…I just went to make certain this post was made and I see that there’s a booking box still on this page from when we were playing around with our channel manager. If you happened to see it, it said “Book from $800/night”…this is NOT our booking rate! Rest assured, our nightly rate will be MUCH much lower than that! Ted will remove that booking box here soon.

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